Social Media Plan

The following is a list of social media ideas I developed to help build a local airport’s Twitter page.

  • Continue to engage with Flyer Fact Fridays…maybe tweeting more often with multiple facts per Friday would be beneficial.
  • Tweeting at the Airlines that fly GSP:
    • Allegiant (@AllegiantTravel) *
    • American Air (@AmericanAir) *EXCELLENT TWITTER SITE-visit! (close to 75,000 tweets)
    • Delta (‏@Delta) *Tweets often, but never at anyone, NO INTERACTION.
    • Southwest (@SouthwestAir)
    • United Airlines (@UNITED_AlRLINES)
    • US Airways (@USAirways*Good Twitter account, over 10,000 tweets.  Customers tweet at the airline when having difficulty with the website, questions about seats, etc.
    • Create new twitter accounts for Advantage/Preferred Customers/Giveaways/Contests.  American air does this and allows them to retweet at themselves in a way.
    • DO a scavenger hunt around the airport for flyers that have long layovers…tweet where clues are and tweet back at participants.
    • Tweet at OTHER AIRPORTS with connections to ours *including INTERNATIONAL
    • Tweet at Travel Bloggers:
      • Aviation Updates (‏@AviationUpdates) *HUGE.  MUST FOLLOW & RETWEET THEM.
      • Huffington Post Travel (@HuffPostTravel)
      • Fly Insider (@flyinsider)
      • BBC Travel (‏@BBC_Travel)
      • Business Journals
      • News (newspapers, local news, etc.)- if you retweet breaking news, people will retweet you, follow you, think you’re knowledgeable!
      • Possibly have a contact at the airport tweeting daily about flyers with interesting stories/facts/interesting flyers/celebs.
      • Get large groups to tweet about their experience (where they’re going, why, to study? How was your experience at our airport?) in exchange for a free drink/souvenir/something at GSP upon their return.
      • Tourism Agencies
      • Restaurants inside the terminals- could participate in giveaways
      • People always like free stuff: Once a week, tweet that the next person/three people to tweet back/retweet you will receive a giveaway!  Will keep average people tuned into your twitter accounts and keep them on their toes.
      • Possibly engage in a FOUR SQUARE account/challenge.  People who check in the most places/most often will receive a prize.
      • Ultimately, someone needs to be tweeting every hour at least in order to keep up the interest from followers.  While I was on Allegiant’s Twitter for twenty minutes, there were three new tweets.
      • Try to find a reliable website with travel tips that gets updated daily.  Try tweeting these tips and the link to the website/article so people can read it in full. (@TravelMagazine)
      • Tweet Gameday travel/info
      • Tweet at Hotels/Hostels, possibly join them in contests/discounts with ticket stubs
      • Travel Sites:
  • Inform followers about what time the twitter is being monitored so that followers know if they are going to hear back or not
  • Give transportation information (taxi cab drivers, bus/train/subway schedules)
  • Weather reports
  • Flight cancellations
  • Using the twitter account to promote our website and BLOG!
  • Tweet at shops and restaurants inside the airport
  • PRINT THE TWITTER NAME ON PLANE TICKETS SO PEOPLE KNOW WHO TO FOLLOW (or place on departure/arrivals boards)
  • Inform followers about the traffic and parking situations in the area and at the airport itself
  • Upload pictures! (including famous people or ex. Atlanta Airport tweeted the UGA women’s soccer team photo)
  • Thank people when they start following us on twitter to feel appreciated and make us seem more personal
  • Give information for if someone loses something or if they get lost
  • Tweet about cancelled flights
  • Tweet about how crowded the airport is and how long it will take to get through security

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