Summer Fellows Teaser Article

This is the article describing the Summer Fellows Program and was published before the individual articles on each student and their research.

Students kickoff summer of research

by BRITTANY KIRKLAND ’13 on JUNE 7, 2012

Seventeen students have been selected to participate in PC’s fifth annual Summer Fellows research program. The Summer Fellows will spend eight weeks this summer conducting research on a topic they’re passionate about.

“Part of the process is seeing the students use what they have learned and what they are learning,” said Dr. Alicia Askew, a psychology professor who has participated in the program for the past three years. “I get a lot of joy out of that and I think they get a lot out of it in return.”

Professors meet with students weekly to discuss how the research is advancing and to advise them on possible ways to progress. The program benefits students in many ways, according to Askew, such as providing students “the ability to take what they’ve learned, the critical thinking aspect, writing, oral communication, organizing thoughts, analysis, synthesis,” and to use these skills in the lab and in their research.

“PC Summer Fellows can be an enjoyable experience that is exciting and hands on, which the students appreciate,” Askew said.

(This was my first published article, which was pretty cool.)


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